Sci Comm Writing

Explore my portfolio of published articles written for the public to enhance overall understanding of various scientific topics and to promote science communication (“sci comm”) as a field.

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“In My DNA: How Our Lifestyle Impacts Our Genetic Code”
ComSciConversation Blog April 2020
Author: Jessica McAnulty
Editor: Stephanie Hamilton

“From the Lab to your Medicine Cabinet: A Timeline of Drug Development”
MiSciWriters November 2019
Author: Jessica McAnulty
Editors: Alison Ludzki, Lihan Xie, and Sarah Kearns

“The influence of epigenetics in breast cancer therapeutics”
MiSciWriters August 2018
Author: Jessica McAnulty
Editors: Tricia Garay, Stephanie Hamilton, and Whit Froehlich

Every month, I have the opportunity to present my research to the public through the University of Michigan Natural History Museum “Scientist in the Forum”. View my presentation below:

Scientist in the Forum Presentation at the University of Michigan Museum of Natural History