Sci Comm Outlets for Grad Students

Here are a few suggestions (with more to come!) for grad students to submit their written work or participate in sci comm outreach activities. Have a recommendation? Email admin[at]


Blogs to submit your sci-com writing:

Public Engagement:

Skype a Scientist (Virtual): This nonprofit platform pairs scientists with families or classrooms. The purpose is for students or children to interact with a scientist and ask (typically creative and funny!) questions. It’s focused on conversation, not a lecture.

DNA Day: DNA Day is a national event on April 25 recognizing the completion of sequencing the human genome in 2003 and the discovery of the double helix structure in 1953. By spreading awareness of these scientific advances, the hope is to encourage the public to learn about recent discoveries in genomic research.
Many universities (University of Michigan, Case Western Reserve University, Washington University, University of Arizona, and Lehigh University) have a planning committee that assigns interested students to local high schools to present an activity on DNA Day. If your institution doesn’t have a committee already, speak with someone in student government or your department head to start your own!

Local: Inquire with a local high school about presenting your research as a guest lecturer in science class. Note a background check may be required and photos/recording most likely are not allowed without permission from each student/their parent.


ComSciCon: The Communicating Science workshop for graduate students
This graduate-student-run workshop includes panelists of professional communicators, a mini writing session with feedback, and tons of helpful hints for better communicating your research to the public. This professional development opportunity is held every summer nationally. There are also smaller chapter workshops at various universities in the U.S. and Canada.

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